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Township Treasurer

Andy Marek

Andy Web Picture 2021.jpg

Deputy Treasurer
Jason Hamilton

Treasurer Duties

The Township Treasurer maintains accurate records of all township income, receipts, and disbursements. In addition, deposits are promptly made and recorded and any excess funds are invested in secure, interest-bearing instruments. 

By statue the Treasurer is custodian of all monies belonging to the Township. The Treasurer must provide a system of checks and balances in the financial affairs with sound cash management practices being consistently followed. The Board members also receive a monthly financial report prepared by the Treasurer. All financial records are audited annually by an independent Certified Public Accounting firm.

 Treasurer Statutory Duties:

  • Collect all monies due the township

  • Deposit all township monies

  • Invest all monies to meet the cash flow needs of the Township

  • Administer and collect all special assessment districts monies

  • Responsible for producing, mailing and collecting all winter and summer taxes

  • Distribute tax monies to each receiving governmental unit in a timely manner

  • Settle with county treasurer each March for the past tax year

  • Sign all township payroll and accounts payable checks and disbursements

  • Member of township Elections Commission

  • Must appoint a deputy

  • Must post a surety bond

Deputy Treasurer Duties

To assist with the duties of the Treasurer

Deputy Treasurer is part-time

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