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Township Supervisor
Marvin D. Radtke, Jr.

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Deputy Supervisor

Roy Volkening

Supervisor Duties

The Supervisor is the Chief Executive officer and legal agent of the Township.

The Supervisor’s Office is responsible for all the operating agencies of the municipality (except the offices of the elected Clerk and Treasurer).  This includes overseeing the day to day operations of the township. 

In addition to the list of Supervisor's duties and responsibilities below, the Supervisor's job includes to address inquires, complaints and receive suggestions relating to not only township issues, but county, state, and federal issues as well.

 Supervisor Duties:

  • Moderates board and annual meetings

  • Secretary to Board of Review

  • Township’s legal agent

  • Maintains records of Supervisor’s office

  • Responsible for tax allocation board budget (if applicable)

  • Develops Township budget

  • Appoints some commission and committee members

  • Oversees the Assessing, Zoning, Emergency Services Departments, any contractors as well as office and maintenance staff

  • Purchasing, budgets, personnel, and all other items not assigned by statute to other officials

  • Dealing with public concerns, citizen calls, developers, businesses, and staff business

  • Interacting with Federal, State, County, other municipalities, and local agencies 

  • Ex-Officio member of all Township committees 

  • Oversight and management of all Township facilities

  • May call special meetings

  • May appoint a deputy

  • Supervisor Radtke has filled in as Interim Zoning Administrator and Planning Director caused by staffing lapses during his tenure due to his extensive background in zoning and planning.

Deputy Supervisor Duties

To carry out the duties of the Supervisor in his absence.

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