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Mission Statement:

"The purpose of this club shall be a United effort towards civic improvement and to promote fellowship of women in the Interlochen"

The IWC has a philanthropic mission, donating to many organizations and individuals throughout our community since 1948.

The purpose of GLADLA is to:

  • Preserve the Lakes natural resources and recreational area.

  • Promote the education of all users about water quality and water safety on the Lakes and the Betsie River Watershed.

  • Support issues which concern the welfare of Lakes

  • Promote the best interests of the Lakes in fiscal and civic matters.

The Interlochen Public Library is an independent library member with its own board, connected to the Traverse Area District Library System.  They are currently located in the township-owned building shared with Golden Fellowship Hall until construction is completed on the new library on township property on the governmental complex on 10th Street.


Interlochen Center for the Arts is a 501c non-profit corporation, operating an arts education institution in Green Lake Township. The center is situated on a 1,200-acre campus in Interlochen.. Interlochen draws young people from around the world to study music, theater, dance, visual arts, creative writing, motion picture arts, and comparative arts. Interlochen Center for the Arts is the umbrella organization for Interlochen Arts Camp, Interlochen Arts Academy boarding high school, Interlochen Public Radio, Interlochen College of Creative Arts, and the "Interlochen Presents" performing arts series.


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