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Township Board meetings streamed live on You Tube - 

NEW - Memorial Park Fitness Court
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Township Board meetings Second Tuesday of month at 5:30 pm

September 12, 2023. 5:30pm Township Board.

Clean Up Day 2023 September 16, 8a-11:45a


** NEW Improved Sales Studies (ECFs) by neighborhood & Land Value Studies

online access to information regarding its

assessment services, including, but not limited to, parcel information, land value studies and

documentation, and economic condition factors MCL 211.10g(1)(d).



Projects 200 sf or larger and fencing seven feet or taller are to be submitted through Grand Traverse County Construction Codes Epic Portal.

Go to their website, click Epic Portal, create an account in the upper corner, then Apply.

Under Apply search in the search bar Gree – which will pull up Green Lake Township Accessory or Primary – choose which one.

The first page you will fill out use the drop down for the land use permit Green Lake Township and fill in the data – then next and fill in the data – each box has information to be completed – length, width, height, distance from property lines, staked,. etc.

There is a box that you also have to select residential, commercial, industrial.

Hit save as you enter information.

Make sure each box has something even if NA for not applicable.

Once all the data is in and you upload drawings, and any associated documents required, you get to the end and if everything is entered correctly it will allow you to hit submit.

If something needs to be addressed, there will be a red flag, click the flag and the program will direct you back to what needs to be corrected.

Once complete and submitted it will send an email notification to the ZA

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