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Green Lake Township Emergency Services

9394 10th St/PO Box 157

Interlochen, MI  49643

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Emergency Services Director: 

David Cutway


Green Lake Township Emergency Services is

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Please submit resumes to Chief David Cutway, Green Lake Township Emergency Services

9394 Tenth Street, Interlochen, Michigan 49643 or

Community Policing
Green Lake Township will soon have its own community police officer.  This has been made possible through a partnership with Interlochen Center for the Arts who is funding half of the staff time cost for a new deputy, with Green Lake Township funding the other half.  The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's Department funds the equipment and training, approved by the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners.
What does this mean to residents?
Green Lake Township will have a consistent presence of one particular deputy who will work their full-time hours within the township, aside from training and court appearances.  That deputy will get to know the community members and handle local complaints and problems.  A desk will be provided within the Supervisor's office at the township hall for the deputy to have a place to do paperwork, if needed.
Our people
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GLTES Station 4 is a Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance and fire house that is staffed 24/7 with 2 responders at a time.  Once a call is received and our people respond, 2 or more on-call responders come back to the station to be ready for another call.  This allows us to get to our citizens quickly in their time of need.

Thanks to our voters, Advanced Life Support (ALS) service is provided by our own staff at Green Lake Township, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

GLTES serves the 6500 full-time township residents in 36 square miles, plus 900 residents of Grant Township and our 500,000 visitors to our township.  We have 12 lakes, 1 river totaling nearly 7 square miles of water.

9394 10th Street

Interlochen, MI  49643


231.276.9388 fax